Selling More LED with Midstream Utility Rebates
Midstream Utility Rebates are where your local utility give you, the distributor, the instant rebates for selling energy efficient lighting, like LEDs. You can then pass on the savings to your customers with a lower sell price. ------ Usually a lower cost to buy then to maintain current light.
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Connecting Sensors to the Control System
What's the point of having sensors on your machines if they aren't connected to your control system? With Rockwell Automation's I/O Link enabled sensors, your information and health of your customers operation is now visible, automatically configured across your facility or across your facilities around the country.
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Allen Bradley,Rockwell Automation
Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Incorporates 3D Models
Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems has incorporated 3D “dumb” models into over 600 industrial devices. What's the big deal? Find out.
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Hubbell,Hubbell Wiring Devices
Current Measuring Solutions for Industrial & Factory Automation
If a customer has motors, lighting, PLCs, pumps and more, this could be a solution to know. Current sensor products that monitor, switch and more by NK Technologies may be worth knowing and learning about. Click to learn more...
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IEC/NEMA Enclosed Starters - VIA Rockwell Component Product of the Month
A customer calls for a starter to control a motor, needs it to be in its own enclosure, but needs it in 48 hours. What to do?
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Rockwell Automation,Allen Bradley
EATON Lighting Focusing on Industrial - #1 in Industrial Luminaires
Eaton (Lighting and Crouse) - #1 Industrial Why important? - Commitment to energy efficiency - Maximizes incentive opportunities - Simplifies project specifications Check out their new resources after the jump!
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Eaton,Cooper Lighting,Cooper Crouse-Hinds
The Expanding Universe of Lighting
Dive into the world of lighting with NEMA through Government regulations and insights in the new world of lighting. Plus CED Plus and Play Solutions for LED Lighting by Karl!
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Philips Evokit LED Retrofit for Installed Fixtures
The #1 LED retrofit kit in the marketplace.  Check out more about the Evokit and how it can work with Spacewise technolgy.
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New 2016 U.S. Dept. of Energy Standards for Transformers!
The U.S. Department of Energy is mandating higher efficiency standards for distribution transformers manufactured in or imported into the U.S. beginning in 2016. How does this affect you and your customers going forward and what new Sola products they have created to comply to the new standard.
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A Lock Out Tag Out Solution from a Rockwell Automation Co.
An interesting new service to help customers and distributors do quality Lock out Tag Out audits, support and solutions.
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Rockwell Automation
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