Leviton New Smart Pin and Sleeve

Leviton now making smarter connections for the industrial world.

"Industrial applications deserve a better connection. We’ve worked to link unmatched durability, superior electrical performance and safety with IIoT technology to lead the industry for connections where minimizing downtime and maximizing production matter most."

The LEV Series includes a full offering of IEC 60309-1 and 60309-2 pin & sleeve devices including plugs, connectors, receptacles, inlets, backboxes and mechanical interlocks designed to simplify installation, endure the harshest environments and improve safety and productivity. Devices with Inform technology provide smarter electrical connections by integrating with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology to support predictive maintenance schemes.


Reply to justin.brunken@ced.com with your potential application or just ask for more information and you could get yourself a free sample.

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