Stratix 5410 Industrial Distribution Switch

Getting the full value out of your network infrastructure is critical, especially in industrial environments where conditions can be extreme and high performance connectivity is required. To address these challenges, Rockwell Automation offers the Allen-Bradley® Stratix 5410™ Industrial Distribution Switch with a 19” rack mount design. With a rugged exterior, rear mounting capabilities and multiple fiber port options, this switch is an ideal solution for a centralized point of network distribution.


High density industrial distribution switches (e.g. Stratix 5410) can support connection to switches in control panels as well as to devices across the plant’s wireless access points, drive systems, video cameras and many EtherNet/IP devices to capture data and drive new analytic insights.

By collecting more data, insights can help reduce downtime and costs associated with diagnosing and correcting the root cause. With robust physical infrastructure building blocks, you can gain valuable insights that help your staff reduce downtime costs and provide a solid foundation for a Connected Enterprise.

Stratix 5410 in a Network Architecture

When used as a layer 2 switch, the Stratix 5410 is an ideal solution for heavy industry applications where resiliency is often required or where high performance end devices, such as video or telephony, are needed.

When used as a Layer 3 switch, the Stratix 5410 provides routing capabilities between segmented networks for better performance and protection from unwanted network traffic. Additionally, segmenting the network helps simplify network security management by building domains of trust.

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