WATCH: New Allen-Bradley 194U Non-fused Rotary Disconnect Switch - UNBOXED

Watch as one of our Solution Consultants un-boxes New AB 194U Non-fused Rotary Disconnect Switch and walks you through what has changed and how it can help your operation.

Designed for global applications, the Allen-Bradley® 194U non-fused disconnect switch offers one of the smallest UL98 disconnects on the market. Suitable as the main disconnecting means for a panel, the 194U is available in front or base mounting styles together with side operation making the disconnect adaptable for various customer applications. When mounted within an enclosure, the 194U disconnect switches are available with a range of rotary-style handles to comply with global requirements. Enclosure and door interlocks provide an additional level of operator safety by helping to prevent the handles and doors from being opened while the disconnect switch is energized.



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