What is a Chicken Switch?

A Chicken Switch is a portable remote controlled switch operator, designed to remove a worker from the Arc Flash hazard zone!

Made by Martek.

It doesn't matter if it is low voltage or medium voltage, old or new, circuit breaker controls exposes workers to arc flash hazards.  Just handling and switching the circuit breaker control switch puts you in the line of fire.

Usually the switch is mounted close to the circuit breaker, so in the event of a catastrophic circuit breaker failure, workers can be exposed.  Sometimes moving the worker away is the only option.

The Chicken Switch allows a worker to remotely switch from a safe distance.

FIND OUT MORE:  http://marteklimited.com/chicken-switch/

MarTek CS Series Remote Switch Operators from MarTek Limited on Vimeo.

The CS Series of actuators are temporarily installed over you control switch and held in place magnetically. No modification to your switch gear is required. A hand-held controller, connected by a cable to the actuator allows the operator to be positioned outside the arc flash hazard zone.  A motor and gearbox in the actuator rotates the control switch on command from the hand-held controller. A microcontroller monitors controller inputs, assures correct switch position, and drives the motor through an intelligent H-bridge. The entire unit is battery powered (24VDC) which eliminates the need for external power.

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