The Future of HMIs is Merging the Digital with Physical

HMIs have been around for decades, started out with a panel full of a network of push buttons to help control a process or machine.  Then they advanced to have a keybaord with limited visualization of your process to control.  And currently they can create complete graphic representation of what you are controlling, take in data from your smart devices, show the data on the screen where you can make your adjustments and see any warnings, with Rockwell Automation's FactoryTalk® View Machine Edition.

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Bulletin 2711P PanelView Plus 7 Graphic Terminals

For years, the manufacturing industry has been focused on “empowering operators,” which means arming them with more information gleaned from intelligent devices and data analytics to enable them to make better decisions. The next step in this era of“Operator 4.0” is the addition of augmented reality that allows an on-site service technician to don a hands-free headset, like Microsoft HoloLens, to access 3D work instructions and maybe even stream in a remote expert via Skype to help with troubleshooting.

PTC is a company that is working on how to merge the digital and physical world, even more so with visualization solutions for your operation.  

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You need end-to-end industrial IoT capabilities—from connectivity and machine learning, to real-time operational dashboards and augmented reality. You require the flexibility to operate on-premise, at the edge and in the cloud. The ability to wrap-and-extend legacy applications is a critical requirement, as rip and replace is not an option. And IoT success depends upon delivering solutions in the near-term—not in some distant fiscal quarter.


PTC and Rockwell Automation Announce Strategic Partnership
Rockwell Automation is PTC's strategic partner for all Smart Connect Operations factory solutions.



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