Become a Rockwell Automation Expert at TechED - June in San Diego

TechEd is a small investment to improving your human capital and learning new skills to become a more effective employee.  At TechEd, you'll be helping your company become more competitive by implementing better technology.

Dates:  June 10–15, 2018

Location:  San Diego, California, United States

Learn and become an expert in all things Rockwell Automation Software. Designed for end users, system integrators, distributors, partners and machine builders, Rockwell Automation TechED gives you the chance to work with the latest Rockwell Automation products and technology solutions in a classroom environment.

The Ultimate Training Experience
Rockwell Automation TechED is the industry's premier training and education event to help improve machine performance, optimize your plant and empower a Connected Enterprise. With more than 190 hands-on labs, technical sessions and discussion forums showing the latest Rockwell Automation products and technology solutions, you can gain an in-depth understanding of how to take your skills to the next level and develop plans to help drive increased productivity and profitability for your company.

Only Rockwell Automation TechED gives you so many ways to learn and network with global industry leaders.

  • Optimize your production data
  • Increase yield
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Build secure networks

Here are a few of the topics that will be covered at the event:

  • Application & Case Studies – Presentations from a wide variety of industry experts–choose from sessions covering various manufacturing and production challenges in real-world applications.
  • Control Track – Covering technologies relevant for control and end users who want to learn more about working with their OEMs.
  • Design and Configuration – New tools and products boosting design productivity and management for the Integrated Architecture including Studio 5000 and Logix Designer, Motion Control, Drives and Motor Controls.
  • Information & Analytics Track – Architecting an information system that leverages data from our control system for reporting, dashboards and more for OEE, performance management, collaboration, ERP integration, and FactoryTalk VantagePoint features and portability and mobility for advanced analytics and visualizing data.
  • Networks – In this expanded course, learn from the pros – including Cisco – about establishing secure network infrastructures for industrial environments as well as the latest trends and applications for virtualized environments. 
  • PlantPAx System – In-depth training on PlantPAx process automation system features in more than 20 labs and sessions.
  • Power, Energy & Environmental - Topics cover Energy Intelligence solutions for energy management, emissions monitoring, new trends and new solutions for sustainable production.
  • Safety & Security– Integrated safety development, safety standards, machine risk assessment.
  • Technology Foundations – Learn the latest technologies such as VMware Virtualization, Microsoft SQL, SQL Server Reporting Services and Windows 8.
  • Visualization – Get the most benefits for operators, get hands on time with the View v8.0, web-based HMI, mobile operators, and migration options for aging HMI systems.

Registration opens in April.


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