INFOGRAPHIC: Motor Protection Overload Relay with Native EtherNet/IP connectivity, with easy commissioning, control and monitoring

Overload relays are inexpensive, but the results of selecting the wrong one for the application can be catastrophic for your motor, process, or both.

When it comes to manufacturing, motors make the world go 'round. This makes proper motor protection mission-critical. Enter, the overload relay. Overload relays protect a motor by sensing the current going to the motor. 

Allen-Bradley's E300™ Electronic Overload Relays offer a flexible design, simplified wiring, and seamless Logix integration. Real-time diagnositics are transformed into actionable information which maximizes your up-time and protects your assets. 

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Infographic by Alex Nguyen of Rensenhouse in Kansas City, part of our Solution Consultants Network


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