Factory Installed Infrared Windows on Transformers

You've seen thru-panel windows on panels, but don't look past the maintenance need on transformers to scan the lugs and coils safely.

Infrared windows are now available as an option on HPS Energy Efficient Distribution Transformers. This feature allows easy infrared thermal inspections of the transformer in critical power applications without the need to open or remove enclosure panels. Each enclosure is equipped with two 3 inch diameter windows on the cover panel.

Improved Safety

Mitigates the risk of injury to electrical workers who perform thermal inspections.

Downtime Reduced
The need to de-energize a transformer in order to perform inspections is decreased. The infrared windows allow visual inspections to be conducted easily.

Cost Effective
Pre-installed infrared windows reduce installation effort and time.

Immediate view of inside the enclosure without the need to remove any panels.

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