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Stober’s ServoFit Helical Gearboxes
Is a Planetary Gearbox (GB) Always Necessary? Compare the versatility, and reduced cost of a helical gearbox.
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The NetXpert 1400 IE. Spend Less Time On Downtime.
NetXpert’s 1400 IE Industrial Ethernet Cable Qualifier helps you pinpoint trouble spots in your ethernet network, test cables, and give you a performance analysis with quick, simple verification and documentation of cabling links with RJ45 and M12 connectors. Your network will inevitably have issues at some point, and this device makes it easier and faster than ever to fix problems.
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How much are your pneumatic cylinders actually costing you?
Electric Actuators vs. Pneumatic Cylinders: ------------ Are you losing money to scrap? Is your electric bill too high? Are downtime and maintenance costing you? By reducing all of these, the cost of ownership of an electric actuator can often be much less than a pneumatic cylinder and have a great ROI.
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Allen Bradley,Rockwell Automation
Lighting Product Update with Acuity & Sylvania
New LED products from Acuity and Sylvania. STAY IN THE KNOW.
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Do you REALLY know what is going on in your company?
Do you get Operations information in summary format that is from the day before? How can you fix what has already been done? What if you could get that information as it was happening, right when you could actually go into action and DO something about it? ----------------------> That is the power of Rockwell Automations Information Software.
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Rockwell Automation
Introducing Lightcloud™. Simple. Powerful. Supported.
RAB Lighting is excited to introduce Lightcloud, a powerful, easy-to-use, and very affordable wireless control system fully developed and supported by RAB. It is the first system listed on the DLC Qualified Product List (QPL).  The selection by DLC is an additional validation of Lightcloud as the only current choice to radically reduce energy costs in commercial buildings.  The listing on DLC QPL qualifies Lightcloud for lucrative utility energy efficiency programs that reduce upfront costs and accelerate the payback period.
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Hoffman Distributor Webinar Series: Food & Bev
You are invited to join us for the September Third Thursday Distributor Webinar. This month’s webinar will focus on the unique needs and requirements of the Food and Beverage markets. Kent Hartwig, Hoffman’s Industry Application Specialist for these areas, will be the speaker this month. Please join us to learn more about the requirements and customer expectations in the Food and Beverage markets.
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